Angie Summa Freelance Photographer and Dave Barbour Executive Producer and Creator The Block

Angie and Dave are a very creative couple. They have an incredible eye for detail, are fun, funny and genuinely warm people. Between the two of them they know how to create an amazing photograph and a stellar TV show too! 

Angie takes the beautiful promotional shots of the contestants on The Block and works across many other areas within her field of freelance photography. Dave is the Executive Producer and Creator of The Block. 
Recently they visited Taree and Old Bar/Wallabi where they caught up with us, shopped at Shed Luxe and stayed in the cottage that once housed our store. We’ve asked Dave a few questions about their stay, The Block and we threw a couple of cheeky ones in there too. 
How did you find your stay in our quirky cottage?
We absolutely loved it! We have stayed at Airbnb’s and holiday rentals in different towns and cities around the world and what we love most is when a home has a unique character all of its own. Your cottage has this in spades plus it’s probably the most beautifully decorated holiday let we’ve stayed in. We took lots of photos of the cottage for inspiration for both our Sydney home and Vanuatu getaway. We love the pink front door, the perfectly styled bedrooms with their comfy (and inviting) beds and particularly loved all the extra trimmings you added around the house – Angie and I really loved the scented mist sprays on the bedside tables, one for a good nights sleep and the other for an energising morning. Bliss!
The Block 2020 is looking amazing But the contestants have some real challenges ahead of them particularly with COVID. How do you think they will handle it?
As you well know The Block is the toughest Reno competition there is. Stress, pressure, sleep deprivation, budgets, cameras, being away from family and loved ones…that’s tough enough. Then throw in era specific design briefs and a little old global pandemic and shizzle just got real. I am so proud of the contestants this season and their resilience and focus to deliver such an extremely high standard of finished homes. The audience is in for a real treat as you watch these people succeed against such adversity, it really is a triumph of the human will.
While you were in the Manning area did you find 5 houses all in a row ripe for a Block style Reno? Obviously that was why you were really here?
Let me think…do I want 25,000 people turning up on Open for Inspection day and killing the serenity? No. And that is exactly why I drove around the entire area blindfolded so as not to be tempted to do a Block here. Please don’t show this to the local police 👮 
Who’s your favorite Block Head ever? PS before you answer and just so you know you’re our fave Producer and Photographer ever. 
Well, we love all the Block Heads equally, like children. But like any proud parents you only chat about your favourite child behind closed doors once you’ve put them to bed. So to protect the innocent we will not use any names to identify our favourite Block Heads who live in the Manning area. Oops.
What did you think of our beautiful area and will you be back?
Firstly I don’t think the word “beautiful” is quite enough to describe the area. We are blown away at how gorgeously pretty, charming and welcoming the place is. To be honest I would prefer to not be posting this answer because Taree and its surrounds is a hidden gem and the last thing we want is thousands of people dropping in and spoiling the charm. So let’s just keep this between us hey? Because we will definitely be back.
You came to do some shopping at our store, what are you shopping for?
We came shopping there to buy furniture and homewares for our house in Vanuatu. Because we loved your Design aesthetic on The Block so much we knew we would find some  amazing Items, and we did. The very Beach chic luxe style of items you sell at the shedluxe was perfect for our secret island getaway. 
Did you find what you needed at The Shed Luxe?
Yes and more! While we were at it, we, especially Angie, couldn’t help but buy some extra amazing homewares for our Sydney home as well as a few gifts for family and friends too. She’s already organising her next shopping trip to Taree for another round. 

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