Let's chat to Callie

Let’s chat to Callie, one-third of the vibrant, funny and passionate team behind The Shed Luxe, about the beautiful products they sell.

Was it easy to fill your store with beautiful things?

Yes and no. We knew we wanted to fill our store with unique and beautiful products, that was the easy part. If we don’t love it or wouldn’t use it, it doesn’t make it. We also place importance on products that are purposeful, meaningful and ethically sourced. The curation process is painstaking and continues to evolve.  We didn’t wake up one day and magically have a shop full of beautiful things to sell. We have built our store up over three years to this point, it has taken hundreds of hours of research and quite a bit of travel over that time to bring our beautiful products to the fabulous people of Taree and beyond.

Where do you source all of the beautiful  Products available at The Shed Luxe?

We use Australian based wholesalers from all over the country; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron and far North Coast to name just a few places. Our suppliers and creators are family owned and run businesses whose vision align with ours.  The secret behind our beautiful product range is the love and passion that goes into every brand we bring to you from our suppliers to us to you.

What is important to you when choosing the products that fill the racks and shelves at The Shed Luxe?

We want our customers to have an emotional experience from the moment they enter our store to using their purchase at home. We want our products to “spark joy” in those who take something home from The Shed Luxe.

Our candles, fragrance, beauty and body products are Australian made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. We favour ethically sourced, purposeful products. Our suppliers are world-community conscious families and we think that shines through in the products we sell. It is important to us that what you take home from our store adds value to your life and we hope it has added value to the lives of others too, along the way.

What is your favourite Shed Luxe Brand?

Picking a favourite brand is like choosing a favourite child, impossible. I would fill my house with Black Salt Co, Dharma Door and Inartisan. Saarde towels, Church Farm Soap & Alive body sit proudly in all of my bathrooms at home and in our cottage.  Darcy and  Commonfolk candles fill my homes with beautiful fragrance. I lather my body with Gypsy Oil daily and don’t go anywhere without a Maine Beach hand creme and Luk lipstick in my bag. I live in Little Lies Clothing and Embella Jewellery.

That being said Hanako Therapies is the Brand I feel a personal connection with. As a qualified Reiki Practitioner myself, I love that Rachel from Hanako infuses their beautiful products with love and light. Designed to nurture and support Hanako Therapies are a luxurious sanctuary for the mind, body and spirit. And we all need that right now.

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