Hanako Organic Pink Aromatherapy Wheat Bag





Organic Aromatherapy Wheat Bag – created by nature, handcrafted by Hanako Therapies.
Relax and soothe tight and tired muscles with Hanako’s Aromatherapy Wheat Bags. A custom blend of Australian grown organic wheat grain and dried lavender herb bundled into cotton underlay and 100% natural linen outer lining. This creates the perfect combination to comfort and nourish the whole being. Heat the microwave for 2 mins to use as heat bag or place in the freezer to use as a cold pack.

Ingredients: Organic wheat germ, dried lavender herb, cotton insert, washable, removable linen cover. Cotton carry bag.

Safety warning:

Fire and burn hazard. Do not overheat. Do not use if it smells or looks burnt. Do not leave wheat bag unattended in the microwave. Do not place under blankets or bedding.

Use with caution – heat packs can burn the skin when used incorrectly. Always supervise children and  take extra care with elderly and delicate skin care.

natural product

vegan friendly

not tested on animals

hand mades with love

made in australia

biodegradable+sustainably sourced packaging




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